How I do financial services by Day and DJ by night

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

Read the quote above twice until it grills in. What does it mean to you? . . . For me it means if i don’t take a chance in life in regards to love, work, and  business. I will end up missing an opportunity that can change my life plus make a difference for those around me. Making a difference was something that I always wanted to do and I didn’t see myself doing this with engineering or DJing or my other 3 businesses that i run from home.  It wasn’t until I entered the financial services industry that this is how I would make a difference for those around me plus create a scaleable business.  As of April 2022 I’m a broker at a fortune 1000 company. 

The Problem 

“Those Who Do Not Learn History Are Doomed To Repeat It.”

We love to party and have a great time but most of us don’t have a game plan for our future. Without a game plan, we are planning to fail. 

Step Back and think 

What are we doing to ensure we protect  and grow our assets?  . . . 

*think about all the unexpected deaths these past 2 years and how many people are close to retirement but don’t have enough saved/invested for retirement. Life is short! 

This is one of the problems that I experienced with my uncles, cousins, and friends. The reason why its a problem is because we had unexpected deaths of uncles who where bread winners of the family. When you loose the bread winner of a family you loose there income and the person. This leaves us financially and emotional vulnerable.  Now this will cause a chain reaction that could end up with the family losing their home. This occurs when you don’t have a safety net in place such as life insurance  which can be used to replace an individuals income to pay off mortgage plus other expenses. Point frankly I’m a firm believer that term life insurance is the best option. For instance, back in early 2011 my cousin was killed in a hit and run and left behind her daughter who was about 5 yrs old. When this occurred my family chipped in for plane ticket, funeral cost and other expenses. When she passed away she was close to 27 years old and didn’t have a Will (Document of where assets goes to and guardians of children) so the court process began to obtain custody of her daughter which was a long process to complete. Having a Will is important to have no matter how old you are and you should always revise it constantly to ensure its up to date. 

“When you invest, you are buying a day that you don’t have to work.” Aya Laraya”

What are we doing to ensure we grow our assets for retirement? 

This is a tough question that needs to be answered soon plus understanding how much you will need to retire so you don’t have to work past age 65. 

Walmart Senior citizen working past age 65
Senior Citizen Working

How many senior citizens have you seen work at a store? . . . I’ve seen a few and I would always ask them why. The most common answers i received are:

    • I didn’t start early enough investing for retirement 
    • I ran out of money from my savings 

Why did i ask them? Simply I want to learn from their mistakes so I wouldn’t do the same mistake. I’ve also seen some of my family members who are past age 65 still work and this is insane. . . History repeats itself if you don’t know it. 


I simply love being in the financial services industry simply because i get to educate individuals on how to protect and grow their assets with investments and insurance. Plus also home loans and refinancing as a mortgage loan originator. 

If you have any questions or want to learn more about investments, life insurance or home loan/refinance. Feel free to contact me and follow me on IG. 

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How I stared DJing in college and Where am I today?

Back when I was in college studying mechanical engineering at CSULB I was looking for a part time job for an additional source of income. The only issue is that most of the companies required 20 hrs plus per week and i wanted to work only 5 to 10 hrs per week. In 2012 minimum wage was about $13 per hr. I couldn’t find an employer that will pay more and would allow me to work less hours. The main reason why i wanted to work less hours is so i could dedicate the majority of my time studying to obtain my engineering degree. I remember I would spend at least 20 hrs a Day studying for my classes which where majority where tough to understand. 


At one of my sisters quinces we hired a DJ for our event. At that moment i realized I could DJ on the weekend and it would not interfere with my studies plus it would be less than 15 hrs a week. 

How much does a starting DJ make? 

Back in 2012 to 2017 I was charging 5 hrs of DJ for $150 to $225. I would do between 2-3 events per weekend. On average I made between $150 to $675 on the weekend by working between 5 to 15 hrs a weekend. If I would have worked at an employer and minimum wage was $13 per hr, i would have made $195 working 15 hrs before taxes. In general, in this scenario i would make more as a DJ vs working at an employer. 

At this point i realized on the importance of a high rate of return and how much i loved being my own boss. 

My First Engineering Job

Back in 2016, i was an intern as a safety engineer at a manufacturing company in Paramount CA. Around graduation May 2017, my employer offered me a full time position and soon after they fired my boss in my department. I was doing safety for about a yr and i got pissed when they gave me a shitty review with no higher pay. I resigned and they offered me a position as a sales rep at the same company. I was there till March 2019. I resigned after they denied me a pay increase. A hard lesson i learned is that an employer pays you based off what the job is worth and not your value.

From that point on I made a decision to create a business and make it grow. 

My Journey as an entrepreneur

In March 2019 is when i decided to take the side hustle of DJing and make it full time as a business. It was a lot of work to learn about marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Maintaining clients, new clients, Collecting reviews and maintaining a competitive advantage. Soon i realized these are the most important things when creating a business. 

For my DJ business i currently have a competitive advantage on google and i rank for a few keywords on google. Before covid i would do between 3 to 10 events (me and 7 other djs) per weekend earning between $1K to $6K of profit. 

In May 2019, i started my online business by selling products on amazon, ebay, etsy and various other omni-channels. This brand has lot of potential and work ahead. 

In November 2019, i joined a financial services business and as of today I’m a financial advisor where i teach families on how to protect and grow their assets with investments and insurance. This industry is my true passion and in the process I’m creating a business out of it. As of right now i’m a Licensed Investment Advisor rep and yes i set up client investment portfolios. In this industry i’m expecting to make over $1 Mil per year in 10 years or less by creating a business. Now the average investment advisor rep if they are paid salary obtain about $75K per year. It only takes about 3 months to obtain your licenses so if your looking for a change for higher pay this could be an option. 

to be continued . . . 


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